Youth Power

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Youth Power

Inspire, energize and strengthen the youth’s efforts to shape a peaceful and sustainable future, for a multicultural Cyprus
Type NGO
Headquarters Nicosia
Location Cyprus
Project Manager Sezis Thompson
Main organ UNDP

Youth Power, is an independent, non- profit organization, established with the support of Future Worlds Center and several other TC/GC organizations who have developed its visions and secured its first grants.

Youth Power is a network of 12 diverse, Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot organizations that promote or affiliate with youth activism. Its mission is to inspire, energize and strengthen the youth’s efforts to shape a peaceful and sustainable future, for a multicultural Cyprus. It envisions a peaceful, sustainable, multicultural Cyprus, comprised of aware, empowered and active citizens.


  • To inspire, empower and energize young Cypriots to work towards achieving their vision of a peaceful, sustainable and multicultural Cyprus.
  • To provide a powerful platform for young people to voice their needs and concerns regarding the future of Cyprus.
  • To encourage, support and promote communication, activities and relationships that engage, empower and motivate young Cypriots to be active citizens.
  • To create intercultural bridges through joint activities, whose aim is to get the youth of Cyprus involved in common issues such as peace-building, the environment and human rights.
  • To facilitate relationships and networking between young members belonging to the different communities of Cyprus.
  • To put the issues concerning the youth in the agendas of decision-makers in Cyprus and overseas through campaigning, lobbying and public relations.

Founding Organizations (alphabetically)

  • ADHD Cyprus, Frederick Research Centre
  • EUC Research Centre
  • Environmental Studies Centre
  • Future Worlds Center
  • HASDER, International Centre for Sport Research and Development
  • KAYAD Community Centre
  • Mediation Association
  • Peace Players International
  • Soma Akriton
  • University of Nicosia Research Foundation