Designing the next generation Cogniscope/Webscope

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This project has been a collaborative initiative between Future Worlds Center and the Institute for 21st Century Agoras. It was led by Yiannis Laouris together with Aleco Christakis, Gayle Underwood, and Kevin Dye. The purpose was to explore and identify the requirements for the next generation of Cogniscope/Webscope software that would allow the significant enhancement and scaling-up practice of SDD.

Between June 18-July 1, 2010, pioneers of the Institute for 21st Century Agoras participated in a series of sessions of a virtual SDDP co-Laboratory with the Triggering Question:
In anticipation of the evolution of the Internet and other interactive technology platforms (social networks etc...) what should be the requirements for the next generation of Cogniscope/ Webscope software (CSIII) for the enhanced and scaled-up practice of SDD?

The results are documented in SDDP Design of the next generation Cogniscope/Webscope.

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