Mapping Protection Needs of Syrians

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General Background

The Republic of Cyprus has adopted a protection regime allowing the right to stay in the country for six months on the condition that they find employment. However, the majority has not been successful to find jobs due to the economic crisis and remain undocumented. From the start of the conflict through end of 2013, Cyprus received a total of 1,293 new asylum applications from Syrian nationals and another 488 reopening requests from previously refused applicants. A total of 1,245 Syrians who applied in previous years are still waiting a decision either with the Asylum Service or the Reviewing Authority. Most of these cases are pending on average for three years, some for much longer. It is believed that an estimated 6,000-8,000 Syrians whose asylum applications were refused between 2004 and 2011 may still remain in the country.

Purpose and Scope of Assignment

To carry out a mapping of the present protection situation of Syrians in Cyprus and produce a comprehensive report with the findings and recommendations.