Policy: Virtual Officing and Flexible Working Hours

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Future Worlds Center is a modern, innovative organization that fully capitalizes and exploits new technologies. As such, it encourages its people to work anytime, from anywhere, on any project.

At the same time, Associates who would like to benefit from the Virtual Officing / Remote Work policy must also realize and appreciate the following:

  1. A new member of Future Worlds Center cannot engage in Virtual Officing before s/he has adequately connected with the members of her/his team.
  2. Those who spend less time in the office tend to participate less in organizational events and invest less time for the common good.

Rules for taking advantage of the "Remote Work" policy

Acknowledging the demanding task to manage the balance between work and home life, Future Worlds Center provides a flexible working scheme to its Associates according to which an Associate can arrange her/his standard nine-to-five work schedule into a more flexible eight-hour daily schedule. This policy is non-contractual and can be amended at any time. Requests to flexible working hours scheme are not restricted only to staff with family or care commitments. Associates may request flexible working hours in order to undertake training, reduce commuting time and gas expenses, have more control overtime schedule and working environment, can work during the hours that they personally feel more productive, or take up a hobby or interest.

Associates have the freedom to work periodically from home. However, this right should not be exploited and can only be exercised on the following conditions:

  1. There is a Management Decision in place that explains the reasons, conditions, duration, and extent of that right.
  2. The respective Head of the Unit is informed every time and knows about it.
  3. The person working from home informs her/his colleagues and ensures that there will be no clash with any ongoing tasks.
  4. The person working from home informs her/his Supervisor of the particular tasks working on that day.
  5. The person working from home is available during working hours via Skype and other means.

Laptop subsidy

Future Worlds Center is committed to provide financial support for an appropriate laptop for each and every full-time associate. This policy generally addresses the need by associates to have a laptop, which fulfills the requirement of project-related work such as speed, availability of space and to incite every associate to catch up to advance technology and innovation; accordingly, the scope of this policy covers the fund request of IPad as well.

A laptop is intended for primary use for organizational-related business as a productivity tool, curriculum tool, and research and communication. It is also intended as a replacement for any computers that may be owned personally. Use of the laptop for personal purposes during working hours however should be within the standards of good judgment and common sense, in compliance with the terms and conditions of applicable software license agreements.

To apply for this subsidy refer to the relevant Laptop and internet subsidy procedure.

Internet and Electricity subsidees

Future Worlds Center is committed to providing financial support for electricity and internet expenses for those associates who choose to work from home.

To apply for this subsidy refer to the relevant Laptop and internet subsidy procedure.