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Project RESPA Project
Triggering Question
Dates 7 Oct - 8 Oct, 2017
Author(s) Yiannis Laouris
Katerina Fotiou
Total Duration 4 days
Statistics Participants=??
Number of ideas=55
Number of Clusters=11
Ideas received Votes=?
Ideas on MAP R=19
Spreathink ST=??%
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Executive Summary

The RESPA Project project brought together six Greek and five Turkish Cypriot, educators, academics and other civil young actors concerned with education in two facilitated workshops for the purpose of ad-dressing Challenges facing the respective educational systems and explore reforms designed and integrated into the existing educational systems.

The Triggering Question (TQ) was
What measures/activities/actions, if implemented, will help ReSPA move towards the achievement of its Goals and Vision?

In response to the TQ, the ?? participants came up with 55 characteristics, which were categorized into 11 clusters. Following the voting process, ?? ideas received one or more votes and were structured to create the influence MAP shown below.

Influence Map.
Influence Map.

According to the participants of this workshop, appear to be the most influential were:

  • Action Plan 16: Active advisory board
  • Action Plan 13: Development of link between ReSPA activities and conclusions from special PAR group.
  • Action 47: Raising awareness of PAR importance among decision makers at political level
  • Action Plan 34: Capacity building of governing board
  • Action Plan 10: Reorganisation of existing ReSPA WGs
  • Action Plain 20: Strengthen internal capacities


Final Report