Palestinian Dialogue Center

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Palestinian Dialogue Center
Location Palestine
Parent organization Palestinian Dialogue Center

The Palestinian Dialogue Center brings together organizations and community groups concerned with the development of the civil society in Palestine and with the promotion of peace in our region. Its activities concern youth and young leadership,women, community service, health, education, culture and other aspects of Palestinian national development. To this end it engages in active dialogue with Israeli NGOs, organizations and individuals with similar aims for their people.

The Palestinian Dialogue Center has conducted training programs for leaders of people-centered organizations in Palestine, including youth, women, community groups and others, many of them with like-minded organizations and institutions. The most extensive program was that undertaken together with the Negev Institute for Strategies of Peace and Development (NISPED). PDC and NISPED have jointly conducted a number of seminars and courses attended by some 400 Palestinian leaders as well as other workshops, meetings and discussions. Each of these programs was held half in an Israeli venue and half in a Palestinian venue and conducted in Arabic. The PDC is strongly committed to the principle of dialogue as the method of dealing with all issues, including local and regional problems. The organization believe that constructive dialogue and discussion is the best and most direct human and democratic way to guarantee that our future generations live in peace and attain their rights

The Palestinian Dialogue Center is represented by Issam Saad, local coordinator of the project Act Beyond Borders.