Youth of the World! Mainstreaming Global Awareness in Youth Work

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Youth of the World! - mainstreaming global awareness in youth work

“Youth of the World! Mainstreaming global awareness in youth work”, is a new project, implemented in Cyprus by Future Worlds Center. This is a 36- month (2013-2016) international project supported through the Non –state Actors and Local Authorities in Development Programme of the European Union (Europe Aid).

Formal Project Description
Youth of the World! Mainstreaming Global Awareness in Youth Work
Contract Title Youth of the World! Mainstreaming Global Awareness in Youth Work
Lead Partner C.E.G.A. Foundation, Bulgaria
Agreement n° DCI-NSAED/2011/114
Partners Südwind Agentur, Austria
Future Worlds Center, Cyprus
Mondo, Estonia

Youth Career and Advising Centre, Lithuania
Scottish Development Education Centre, Scotland
Young People We Care, Ghana – associate

Dates 01/03/2013 - 29/02/2016

Short Description Raising public awareness of development issues and promoting development education in the European Union.
Main Page Youth of the world!
Overall objective(s)

Youth of the World aims to mainstream awareness about global issues within the activities of youth organisations, working in different spheres of youth work. For this action, specific results have been identified;

  • Increased public awareness among young citizens on the global interdependencies between EU and developing countries;
  • Increased engagement of young people in promoting fairer relations in the world and sustainable way of living;
  • Better integration of global development issues into the non- formal educational sphere regarding young people.
Specific objective(s)
  • Build a critical mass of experts adequately prepared to train young people on global issues;
  • Provide easily accessible training opportunities for youth organisations and young people on global issues;
  • Develop interactive and participatory teaching resources about MDGs, with a specific focus on sub-Saharan Africa, available in the national languages of the four project's NMS partner countries and tailored to their school curriculum.