Civil Society Project Design and Planning in Beit Sahur

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Project Design and Planning
Project Design and Planning
Project Act Beyond Borders
Date(s) 29-30 December, 2013
Type of participants CSOs Representatives
Number of participants 18

Without an emphasis on project design and planning, projects in civil society and beyond fail to operate at their full potential. To reduce this risk, Civil Society Acts Beyond Borders held a two day training, a part of its advanced civil society strengthening workshop series. Titled 'Project Design and Planning', the event was held in Beit Sahur, the Palestinian Territories to expand participants’ knowledge of, and capacity to carry out, project design and planning.

On 29 December, 2013 the workshop sessions commenced. After an introduction and review of the topics, participants took part in discussions about civil society organizational reviews, the new environment of public policy, and the role of civil societies in the region. Day two focused on country specific planning, grassroots' role in civil society, outcome, objective, and goal evaluation. Trainers enhanced participants' capacity to plan and design a well-functioning, well-suited project.