Communication and Outreach for CSOs Workshop in Beit Sahour

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Communication and Outreach
Communication and Outreach
Project Act Beyond Borders
Date(s) 25-26 October, 2013
Type of participants CSOs Representatives
Number of participants 18

At the Beit Sahour Cultural Center in the Palestinian Territories, Civil Society Acts Beyond Borders put on a two day workshop. It was held Friday October 25 and Saturday October 26, 2013 and aimed to develop communication and outreach skills for CSOs. The events of October 25 began with facilitators and experts providing participants with a basic knowledge of communication types and ways to effectively communicate. Subsequently, presentations on October 26 delved into more complex communication related issues. These included methods to improve communication skills, communication channels, communication trends, communication’s impact, dialogue, body language, and a series of personal development activities. The knowledge provided through this workshop will greatly augment CSOs tools and capacities.