EIDHR Panel Discussion III, Palestinian Territories

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Panel Discussions
Panel Discussions
Project Act Beyond Borders
Place Ramallah
Date(s) 14th of August 2013
Type of participants Youth, Activists, Professors, Experts
Number of participants 36
Total Duration 1 day
Link(s) http://www.actbeyondborders.net/

The panel discussion that took place in Ramallah on the 14th included two guest speakers of the Palestinian society and two experts on human rights from Cyprus. The presentations and discussions focused on the role of human rights, democracy, as well as their use within the Palestinian society and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The speakers were, civil society members, notable activists and experts on human rights.

The agenda on the 14th of August included a discussion on the 'Arab Spring', on public and individual freedom, experiencing human rights through conflict resolution and human rights in the cypriot context.

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