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This position is under a UNHCR funded project implemented by the Future Worlds Center. The Integration Advisor oversees the provision of essential and free social support to international protection beneficiaries. Their duties and responsibilities are to:

  • Provide counseling and assistance to international protection beneficiaries on access to rights inorder to facilitate integration
  • Facilitate and monitor international protection beneficiaries’ access to social rights, available sources and programs including: appropriate medical care, education, vocational training, language training, employment and welfare benefits.
  • Pursue meetings with authorities, independent bodies, and trade unions on policy issues related to integration
  • Prepare interventions on policy issues related to integration, including: implementation of the National Integration Strategy and the Annual Solidarity Funds Strategy
  • Participate in public discussions, meetings, and conferences;
  • Prepare interventions on policy issues related to integration, in Parliament on legislative drafts, participation in the media, mobilization of civil society, and cooperation with related, integration-oriented institutions;
  • Foster community relationships between Cypriots, asylum seekers, and refugees
  • Network with relevant civil society actors, educational institutions, and media to actively promote a positive and respectful public attitude toward asylum seekers, refugees, and like beneficiaries of international protection

People who serve(d) this role:

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