Katerina Philippou

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Katerina Philippou
Katerina Philippou
With FWC February 2014-May 2014
Title Primary Education
Key Project(s)
Key Interests
Degree(s) BA Primary Education (4 years)
MA DTCE (1 year)
Filed(s) of study Education
Educational technology
University(ies) Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
University of Manchester
Notable Achievements to be..

Mrs. Katerina Philippou joined the Future Worlds Center team in February 2014 as an intern. Her internship was completed in May 2014.


Katerina holds a BA from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki on Primary Education and a MA Degree from University of Manchester on Digital Technologies, Communication and Education.

Major Projects

  • MSc Dissertation, “Information Literacy in primary schools of Cyprus - Perceptions and Practices of teachers”, University of Manchester, 2012. Supervisor: Dr Cormac Lawler