Non-Formal Civil Society Workshop - Students

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Basic Civil Society Strengthening Workshops
Basic Civil Society Strengthening Workshops
Project Act Beyond Borders
Place Beer Sheva
Date(s) October - November 2013
Type of participants Students, youth in Israel, Palestine


Music is not bound by borders and boom boxes, conflict and culture. It is ever-present in the lives of young people, clear in the earphones in every ear. The Act Beyond Borders Student Action Groups aims to harness the power of music to transcend division and increase communication across the Green Line.

Their Action Groups aims to create an environment for young people to work together, to create exemplary bicommunal cooperation. Palestinian and Israeli Students will collect and consolidate music with themes of peace and friendship. The music will include lyrics in the original language, a transliteration, a translation and sheet music. The resulting collection will be made public on the Future Worlds Center website, and utilized by the 2014 Gilboa Regional Peace and Coexistence Festival. Negotiations are also underway to present the collection through amateur, multicultural street performance during the Milan Expo 2015.