SmartBay Ireland, Limited (SmartBay)

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SmartBay Ireland, Limited
Abbreviation SmartBay
Location Ireland
Website Official Website

Relation to Future Worlds Center

Partners with Future Worlds Center in the MARINA project.

The SmartBay is a not-for-profit company which was set up in 2012 by the Marine Institute and the third level sector to manage Ireland’s marine Test and Demonstration facility in Galway Bay. The company is in receipt of funding from the Higher Education Authority (HEA), under the PRTLI Cycle IV programme for the period (2012-2015). Dublin City University (DCU) is the lead academic partner in the project. Other research partners include the Marine Institute, NUI Galway, NUI Maynooth, University College Dublin, Intel and IBM. SmartBay Ireland manages Ireland’s marine test and demonstration facility in Galway Bay which supports the collection of marine data for the National and International R&D communities and the trial, demonstration and validation of novel marine sensors and equipment (including 1⁄4 scale Ocean Energy Devices). The company develops collaborative translation projects which aim to develop innovative ICT products and services for the global maritime industry. Clients include both national and international Ocean Energy Device Developers and Marine Sensor developers. Associated with document Ref. Ares(2016)1436789 - 23/03/2016

From the end of 2015 SmartBay will manage a subsea observatory and a floating sea laboratory. Science Foundation Ireland has facilitated the acquisition of the cable and associated surface and subsea infrastructure and SmartBay, the Marine Institute and Beaufort Research Institute have been responsible for the development of the project which, when complete will be managed by SmartBay.

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