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Larry started with FWC in 2005 as an intern from the Conflict Resolution graduate program at Portland State University. Upon his return to Cyprus in 2007 he assumed the responsibilities of program development and project coordination. In 2008, he managed the projects called “Uniting for Citizenship and participation: Youth promoting Vulnerable groups’ Rights, Opportunities and Knowledge” (UCYVROK), New Media Landscape Now! and assisted with the project “Youth Ambassadors for Millennium Development Goals”. In addition to coordinating projects he also researches funding opportunities, writes grant applications and assists Dr. Laouris in drafting academic papers. Larry’s areas of interest include media ethics, conflict resolution, civil society capacity building, democratic dialogue processes, development education and uniting youth in constructive ways. His educational background includes an undergraduate degree in broadcast journalism from Texas State University and graduate studies in conflict resolution at Portland State University, both in the United States. Additionally, he also acts as a media consultant/expert, radio programme producer and television presenter.