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Location France


ADICE aims to fight against discrimination and encourage the promotion of persons with fewer opportunities (youngsters, job seekers, immigrants…) and who come mainly from disadvantaged areas or isolated rural districts in society and in the job market.

Owing to its location (Roubaix, a town in the North of France, has a high immigrant population (over 50%) and a very high unemployment rate, particularly amongst young people of non French origin) and its objective, since its birth ADICE has been fighting against the discrimination of people of immigrant origin.

The aim of our association is to help such young people to have enriching experiences which can build and add to their personal and professional profile. The aim is thus to help people define a future project according to the skills that they wish to develop, to promote access to the job market and to encourage their participation in the decision making process. ADICE hopes to make the volunteers actors of their own future.

Promotion forms an integral part of ADICE’s objectives. The concept of promotion opposes integration : promotion involves focusing on the individual first before suggesting project ideas whereas integration is the other way round. ADICE therefore employs a liberal approach in placing volunteers. Undertaking a project is also seen as an investment on the future as it enables people to leave their surroundings, take responsibility, improve their ability to make important decisions and get involved in the local community. The aim of promotion is thus to make the young individual capable of making their own decisions and to take initiative.

Mobility as a means of integrating and living in a culturally diverse environment

ADICE considers mobility abroad as a means of integrating, living in a culturally diverse environment and also as a lever for new opportunities. For the volunteer it involves leaving their everyday lives, becoming independent, taking responsibility and especially recognising, improving and building on the skills they have acquired.

The association considers mobility as an experience enabling the development of:

social skills (opening up your personality, independence, critical thinking, teamwork, self-confidence) in order to ease integration at work. In certain cases, forming a vision of themselves at work is very important for the volunteers who hope to showcase this experience in order to lauch their career when they return home. Intercultural skills (exploring the country, discovering a new environment, accepting cultural differences, discarding stereotypes, sharing experiences after having returned home, being open-minded towards foreign lifestyles) in order to get to know and mix with others and become aware of different lifestyles. This experience therefore allows the volunteer to take charge of their own future. Enabling everyone to benefit from an enriching experience abroad

Our aim is thus to give everyone the opportunity to develop their social, professional and intercultural skills by taking part in European and International training and mobility projects.

Thus ADICE has erected a mobility support platform which functions around three central concepts:

Promoting mobility through awareness, informing and training the volunteers and the local and international workers employed in the youth industry. Researching and identifying relevant work projects in response to the various plans of the public. ADICE decides on a mobility project with the volunteer according to their expectations. The decisions from this meeting then go through our network of international partners. Individual, high quality support particularly for those who, for different reasons, are apprehensive about travelling abroad on their own to undertake a long term project (due to, for example no travel experience, lack of confidence, language barriers, health problems).

ADICE works daily to develop and enhance international mobility (especially volunteering in countries inside and outside of Europe) around social and professional promotion, fight against discrimination and promote volunteering inside and outside of Europe. This is done through mobility support platforms aimed at youngsters of immigrant background and from underprivileged areas.

Making international mobility accessible to everyone involves tailoring a specific program to those who, for different reasons, do not want to embark on a long term project straightaway (due to lack of experience abroad, lack of self confidence, language barriers, health problems). ADICE therefore encourages these people to test themselves first by undertaking short term activities before committing to a long term project. The aim is to arouse desire and curiosity in the individual, help them adapt and integrate into another company and bring them enough self confidence to help them undertake a long term project.

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