Aalborg University (AAU)

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Aalborg University
Abbreviation AAU
Location Denmark
Website Official Website

Relation to Future Worlds Center

Partners with Future Worlds Center in the MARINA project.

About the Organization

The Danish Building Research Institute (SBi) at Aalborg University is a non-profit, governmental research institution established in 1947 and merged with Aalborg University in 2007. The overall focus in upon the built environment, its construction, quality and role in society. Currently, the research activities include indoor climate regulation, building physics, healthy building conditions, heating and energy consumption in the built environment, consumption of energy and resources, architecture, housing and planning. SBi participates for the moment in RiBuild (H2020-programme) on how to strengthen the knowledge on how and under what conditions internal thermal insulation is to be implemented in historic buildings, without compromising their architectural and cultural values as well as in Divercities (FP7-project) on benefitting from ethnic and social diversity in larger cities. SBi has over the last decade taken part in several COST actions, e.g. action on urban knowledge and multidisciplinary regulation and improvement of the urban context. The merger with Aalborg university has added educational activities to the profile of SBi; today two master programmes (“Town, Housing and Settlement” and “Construction and informatics”) together with two part-time master programmes (“Universal Design” and “Building physics”).

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