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International Conference
International Conference
Project Accessing Development Education
Type of participants teachers


Towards the end of the project, an international conference will be organised to reflect upon the success of DE material in schools in old and new Member States. The conference will take place in Cyprus and will last for two days. The conference will give a public space to the topic of DE in schools and will allow for an exchange of experience in the context of this project, as well as beyond the actual project. Teachers will be invited to share their successes and challenges, and different Development NGOs form old and new Member States will be invited to share their experiences and approached to development education. The conference will not only reflect upon the successes and challenges faces by teachers and NGOs, but will also reach out to a wider public, promoting the general importance of development cooperation and citizens’ involvement in development action. It will create the forum for European bonds links to become closer and for both NGOs and teachers to reinforce collaboration. The conference will also promote the European Depository of DE Material, open and accessible to all teachers, educators and interested citizens, inviting the Ministries of Education to include parts of the gathered material in the national curricula.


  • International Conference including written documentation to be published
  • Strengthened bonds between Development NGOs across Europe, as well as teachers of the project partner countries

Role of partners

The project coordinator will be responsible for the organisation of the conference, including the logistics, the invitation of experts, partners and teachers, as well as the outreach to local media and authorities. All partners will attend the conference, will share their experiences gained throughout the project and beyond, and will contribute to the written documentation of the conference outcomes.



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