Adira Zwelling

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Adira Zwelling
Adira Zwelling
Period at FWC September 2010-June 2011
Field of Study International Conflict Resolution
Sending University Portland State University
Sending Professor Harry Anastasiou
Local Mentor to be..
Involvement at FWC Cyberethics: Cyprus Safer Internet Center, JUMPSTART the Peace, Civil Society Acts Beyond Borders
Achievements to be..

Adira was an Intern at Future Worlds Center from September 2010 to May 2011 as an exchange student from Portland State University as part of the FWC - PSU Exchange Program. While at Future Worlds Center, Adira worked on several EU funded projects such as JUMPSTART the Peace, Civil Society Acts Beyond Borders, TeachMDGs, and Cyberethics: Cyprus Safer Internet Center.


Adira has been active in peacebuilding for several years. She is passionate about bringing conflicting communities into dialogue to foster compassion and shared understandings. She has worked in Cyprus, Northern Ireland, Israel/Palestine and Portland, Oregon. In December 2011, Adira completed her Master's in International Conflict Resolution. As part of her thesis work she partnered with The Cyprus Oral History and Living Memory Project and wrote an essay demonstrating the value of oral history as a means of promoting healing between and within communities. Adira is also a certified mediator.


As part of JUMPSTART the Peace, Adira co-coordinated and implemented several workshops across the island for Turkish and Greek Cypriot youth. In this capacity, she (1) planned lodging and travel logistics, (2) recruited participants by writing press releases and speaking at a local school, (3) facilitated a panel discussion on youth community activism, (4) met regularly with the implementing partner NGO to plan project activities, and (5) developed training materials on environmentalism and intercultural learning.

For Civil Society Acts Beyond Borders, Adira traveled to Israel/Palestine and implemented capacity building workshops to support the development of joint community action projects among Israelis and Palestinians. While in the region Adira met with several civil society organizations to recruit participants. Other duties included: (1) writing narrative reports, (2) researching funding opportunities, (3) writing content for the project newsletter, and (4) creating digital media to be used for promotional materials.

As part of TeachMDGs, Adira wrote textbook content to educate youth on Millennium Development Goals advocacy campaigns in sub-Saharan Africa. She also assisted in the planning and facilitation of Structured Democratic Dialogues for the project CARDIAC, and created accompanying digital media. In addition, Adira created digital media for the project Cyberethics: Cyprus Safer Internet Center.

Adira contributed to several other administrative assignments for Future Worlds Center. She compiled the organization's annual reports for 2009 and 2010, and wrote project proposals to the European Refugee Fund and the European Centre for Modern Language.