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Administrators are individuals who hold or have held the role of Office or Organization Administrator, either as full-time, or part-time or as volunteers. This role is key to the smooth operation of the organization. One or more people may have this role either full-time or part-time. The related tasks are described below grouped in different categories:

Tasks related to supporting the general function of the organization

  • Ensure the smooth running of daily operations;
  • Attend meetings, take minutes and notes;
  • Filing documents, organizing and keeping an updated filing system;
  • Devise and maintain office systems;
  • Book and organize facilities for conferences, activities and meetings;
  • Ensure that all offices and all common spaces are in order and as they are supposed to be;
  • Ensure that furniture, chairs, equipment and framed images on the walls remain in place as they have been originally placed;
  • Organize and store paperwork, documents and computer based information;

Tasks related to shopping

  • Order and maintain kitchen, cleaning and bathroom/toilet materials

Tasks related to external communication

  • Handling incoming calls, taking and distributing messages;
  • Sort and distribute incoming post, organize and send outgoing post;
  • Keep the organizational calendar up to date;
  • Liaison with all units and external contacts.

==Technical Tasks

Monitoring all websites

This task will require DAILY ATTENTION for about 10-20 min to check that all websites are online and working properly. Any problem identified must be reported to CEO immediately.

Tasks related to supporting associates and newcomers

  • Follow, ensure, and communicate organizational policies, procedures and office rules to all associates;
  • Training and briefing new associates;
  • Assist associates with grant applications;

Tasks related Financials

  • Coordinate with the Financial Controller in the organizations daily expenditures and budgets, as well as the acquisition of third party services
  • Invoicing;
  • Order and maintain stationary and equipment supplies.

The following people have served this role: