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Afonso Ferreira
Afonso Ferreira
With FWC 2013 - today
Key Project(s) Reinventing Democracy

Afonso Ferreira is currently seconded as an expert to the European Commission, DG CONNECT, working at the Future & Emerging Technologies unit and with the Digital Futures Task Force. He is Directeur de Recherche with the French CNRS and has been the Scientific Coordinator for International Affairs of the CNRS Institute for Computer Sciences INS2I, also conducting scientific work with the INRIA. He has over twenty years of experience in the area of Communication Networks, High Performance Computing, and Algorithms, having published more than 100 papers in the forefront of scientific research. From 2007 to 2010 Dr Ferreira acted as the Head of Science Operations for COST, an intergovernmental initiative for European Cooperation in Science and Technology spanning 36 countries, where he orchestrated all operational aspects related to the more than 200 European-wide multidisciplinary projects run by COST. Lately, Dr Ferreira has been specialising in Innovation Policy, Foresight, and Competitive Intelligence.

Afonso has been supporting and collaborating with Future Worlds Center since 2013. he was instrumental in the organization of the SDDP Reinventing Democracy in the Digital Era representing the Digital Futures Task Force of the European Commission.

Dr. Ferreira is a member of the N.E.T.S. Board of Trustees and N.E.T.S. Academic Staff

Recent Publications
• S. Bhadra and A. Ferreira. Computing Multicast Trees in Dynamic Networks and the Complexity of Connected Components in Evolving Graphs. Journal of Internet Services and Applications, 3(3):269-275, 2012
• A. Ferreira and A. Jarry. Minimum-Energy Broadcast Routing in Dynamic Wireless Networks. Journal of Green Engineering, 2(2):115--123, 2012.
• A. Ferreira, A. Goldman, and J. Monteiro. Performance evaluation of routing protocols for MANETs with known connectivity patterns using evolving graphs. Wireless Networks,16(3):627--640, 2010.
• A. Ferreira. Uma estratégia face à Revolução Digital. Teoria e Debate, 87:20-23, 2010
• I. Caragiannis, A. Ferreira, C. Kaklamanis, S. Pérennes, and H. Rivano. Fractional Path Coloring in Bounded Degree Trees with Applications. Algorithmica, 2009. Published online: 14 February 2009.
• J-C. Bermond, A. Ferreira, S. Perennes, and J. Peters. Neighbourhood Broadcasting in Hypercubes. SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics, 21(4):823-843, January 2008.
• D. Bartha, P. Berthomé, M. Diallo, and A. Ferreira. Revisiting parametric multi-terminal problems: Maximum flows, minimum cuts and cut-tree computations. Discrete Optimization,3(3):195-205, September 2006
• I. Caragiannis, A. Ferreira, C. Kaklamanis, S. Pérennes, P. Persiano, and H. Rivano. Approximate Constrained Bipartite Edge Coloring. Discrete Applied Mathematics, 143(1-3):54-61, 2004.
• A. Ferreira. Building a reference combinatorial model for MANETs. IEEE Network, 18(5):24--29, 2004

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