African Diaspora Youth Network in Europe

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ADYNE: African Diaspora Youth Network in Europe is the Face of African Diaspora Living in Europe; is a platform in the making, dedicated to the development of an official network that shall enable us to represent the interest of the African Diaspora Youth living in Europe and work on strategies to streghten the development of a constructive dialogue between European and African societies. ADYNE has been registered as Non-governmental Organization in Brussels-Belgium.


To be the network that connects organisations and individuals to collaborate and actively participate as global citizens to shape the lives of African Diaspora young people in Europe.


Be youth led and youth driven, of responsible and inspirational citizens and leaders that exhibit courage and positive image of Africa and African Diaspora Youth in Europe.

Aspire for positive change and excelence in everything that we do, working in mutual understanding and respect, in a learning and involving environment.

Preserve as we promote African cultures and heritage and the knowledge that come from them to enrich the diversities that strengthen African Diaspora identity.

Live and share the spirit of " UBUNTU " that recognize coexistence, humanity, servitude, belonging, accountability and respect towards others.