Agamemnonas Zachariades

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Agamemnonas Zachariades
Agamemnonas Zachariades
Period at FWC September 2007-June 2011
Field of Study Social work
Sending University University of Nicosia
Local Mentor Corina Drousiotou
Involvement at FWC URVT

Agamemnonas has been an intern at the FWC between September 2007 and end of 2008. He worked as a trainee social worker on a UNHCR-funded project which aims to promote the well- being of asylum seekers and refugees and secure their basic needs. His responsibili- ties at the FWC are to advocate for the rights of asylum seekers and refugees. He also acted as a mediator resolving any possible conflicts occurring between asylum seekers and refugees, and organizations responsible for providing services (including govern- ment services) for their well-being. Before joining the FWC team in 2005, he was a trainee social worker at Saint’s Christopher home, a non-governmental organization that hosts individuals with special needs. He is a full-time student at the University of Nicosia doing his Bachelor’s degree in social work.