Agios Dometios

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Municipality of Agios Dometios
Formation 1986
Location Agios Dometios, Nicosia, Cyprus

Agios Dometios is a suburb of Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. It also the are where Future Worlds Center office building is located.

Historical Background

Agios Dometios municipality wss established in 1986. As it is said before Agios Dometios is a suburb of the capital city of Cyprus, to be more precise it is located 4 km in the west of Nicosia. The suburb covers 12 square miles with an altitude of 160 metres.

Acording to the annual statistical census of 2011, the population of Agios Dometios is about 12,456.

Departments of Municipality of Agios Dometios

Technical Services

Responsible for all the construction works, project supervision and issuing building licenses.

Financial Department

Th edepartment plans and administrates the municipality's financial matters, including the budget, in collaboration with the other departments.

Department of Health and Sanitation

The department is responsible for supervising all the public and private organizations in order to ensure the implementation of all the sanitary standarts according to th law.

Department of Social and Cultural services

Department is responsible for planning and implementing the objectives of cultural actions and social programmas according the Municipality's cultural and social policy. Programs of the Department of Social and Cultural Services:

  • Youth Center of Agios Dometios

The Youth Center includes a programe providing social, educational and recreational activities for the children and youth of the community. Center was established in 2009.

  • Cultural Center of Agios Dometios

The Cultural Center was established in 2009. It organizes and hosts exibitions and other cultural activities.

Public Library

The public Library is located within the main building of the Municipality. It operates as a reference library and books are available for lending to the public.