Ana Aslan Foundation – ANA

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Formation 2001
Purpose/focus research on brain aging
Location Romania

Ana Aslan International Foundation (ANA) is a non-profit organization with medico-social care, research and pre-academic and academic education profile in the field of aging, with focus on brain aging. ANA is also a methodological forum in the field. Based to its resources, (the Center for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Memory Diseases, its R&D department, a well-skilled multidisciplinary staff that includes researchers, doctors, psychologists, medical assistants, kinesiotherapists, etc., and a website and other TIC endowments), ANA was and is currently involved in clinical trials (FP5-LIFE QUALITY projects ICTUS, DESCRIPA, Ebixa), as well as in over 10 FP7-IST, ICT-PSP, AAL and LLP projects (K4CARE, SHARE-it, MobileSage, AgeingWell, Mobile.Old, CONFIDENCE, LiveWell, E-No FALLS, CarerSupport, StayActive). ANA was also invited as member of the experts group of the Market Observatory on Ambient Assisted Living, recently initiated by The Ambient Assisted Living Association. As research and medical partner, end-user organization and testing pilot, in these projects ANA contributed to the following tasks: state of the art and beyond; target group definition, users profiling and recruitment; methodology of detection and specification of end-users needs; medical viewpoint for prototype design; methodology of prototype testing and validation in field trials with the end-users; ethical aspects and ethical control instruments; project promotion and dissemination of its outcomes. Between 2010-2013 ANA developed the nationwide POS-DRU BrainAging project, which trained over 1200 doctors and 1500 medical assistants from hospitals and ambulatories in the particularities of caring old people.


Role: WP1 leader; Contributor to end-user compliance (Tasks 2.2-2.5); Pilot deployment and support in Romania (WP3); Support of DUNG and CNTI to deploy pilots in Cyprus; Contribution to Business Plan from the perspective of end-users (WP4); Contributor to D5.1 and D5.5 (Task 5.3); End-user oriented dissemination (Task 5.4).