Anna-Maria Drousiotou

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Anna Maria Drousiotou
Anna Maria Drousiotou
With FWC 2006-2008 and 2010-2015
Title Project Coordinator and Media Promotion
Key Project(s) Cyberethics
Degree(s) Aristotelio University in Thessaloniki
University(ies) write the university/ies of the associate
Specialization(s) SDDP Facilitator

Anna-Maria Drousiotou began working at Future Worlds Center in 2006 as project Coordinator for the Cyberethics project. For almost two years the team put CyberEthics on the map both in Cyprus and in Europe and established themselves as one of the main players amongst the European Nodes contributing in many ways. She left the organization in March 2008 to be a "stay at home mum" for 2 years. She returned to the organization in April 2010 and has undertaken roles in the Global Education Unit as well as the New Media Lab. Amongst her tasks is promoting all of the projects of Future Worlds Center to various media outlets. She is also a trained SDDP Facilitator.

Short Bio

Anna-Maria studied at Aristotelio University in Thessaloniki and spent the first ten years of her career in advertising agencies representing major brands such as Coca-Cola, AMEX, Toyota and many more.

She has been trained as a facilitator of structured dialogue (SDDP) and has organized and participated in dozens of settings in several countries. Anna-Maria has a great interest in the new technologies, the Millennium Development Goals and promoting FWC's projects in various circles and mass media.