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Date Created) First version released Nov 2015
Target Audience General Public
Software Type Software
Software Format Mobile App
Software Description Participants of a meeting are immersed in the subject matter utilizing projectors installed on the ceiling displaying all relevant information.
Language(s) English
Copyright Ekkotek

BoardMeeting is a software-hardware innovative solution inspired, designed and developed by associates of Future Worlds Center and its technology transfer office, subsidiary company Ekkotek. It It provides real-time access to everything being discussed, immersing the participants of the meeting in the content matter. Because all the data are in the cloud, participants can contribute suggestions, ideas or edit the content before and after the meeting. Every company, small or large is a potential client.

What does BoardMeeting do?


BoardMeeting Modules

BoardMeeting uses a set of different modules to display information on the surrounding walls.

  • Minutes App: Interactively draft and edit the Minutes of the meeting
  • Idea Wall App: Contribute ideas which appear like A4 pages on the wall
  • Clusters App: Interactively separate ideas in categories
  • External Graphics App: Post anything from a computer and keep it there
  • VideoWall App: Retrieve what people said previously by playing their video clips
  • Voting App: View the results of voting among those participating

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