Brooke Galloway

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Brooke Galloway
Brooke Galloway
Period at FWC Aug 2008 - Dec 2008
Field of Study Psychology, Conflict Resolution
Sending University Portland State University
Sending Professor Harry Anastasiou
Local Mentor Yiannis Laouris
Involvement at FWC UCYVROK - Uniting for Citizenship and Participation
Youth Promoting Peace
Achievements her internship supported her Masters and later her PhD

Mrs. Brooke Galloway came to Cyprus in August 2008 together with about 20 other graduate students from Portland State University in the context of Portland State University - Conflict Resolution Graduate Programwhich is co-organized with Harry Anastasiou. The visitors are mainly graduate students enrolled in his Conflict Resolution program at the University. Their main goal is to acquire first-hand experience about Cyprus’ political problem and the work of peace pioneers. Brooke decided to apply to join the Future Worlds Center for a period of two months, in order to fulfill her 300-hour practicum requirement for her Masters. She participated in UCYVROK - Uniting for Citizenship and Participation, Youth Promoting Peace, HasNa Inc., and other Global Education Unit related projects.

Inspired by her work in Cyprus, Brooke has later continued for a PhD which she earned in 2011. The title was: Perceptions of Peacebuilding and Multi-Track Collaboration in Divided Societies for a Sustainable Peace Agreement at the Political Level: A Case Study of Cyprus.

While in Cyprus, Brooke familiarized herself with organization’s policies, conducted research on the Millennium Development Goals, and drafted reports, and posted articles to the MDG website. She was also engaged in writing grants, and editing booklets. She also conducted research on the activities of the Youth Promoting Peace project and developed a wrote a report.

Other activities included:

  • Assisted with Cyprus Multicultural festival
  • Participated in SDDP on Youth inclusion
  • Assisted with planning and implementation of the conference on Youth Inclusion to 11 EU member states, honored guests and speakers, and EU Parliamentarians
  • Co-wrote talk of the Island Youth grant/ funding proposal to HasNa Inc.
  • Planned and participated in the virtual SDDP for UCYVROK
  • Attended workshop on SDDP booklet writing

Mrs. Galloway completed more than 300 hours while in Cyprus. Included in those hours is time spent in and out of the office working on the collaborative project between CNTI and PSU, several conferences, planned events with Cypriots, such as meetings, dinners and other events. Each contact was helpful in understanding the situation in Cyprus through the eyes of Greek and Turkish Cypriots. Both the interaction in the office and out of the office with Cypriots was instrumental for her achieving a better understanding of why the situation in Cyprus is more complex than it may appear to an outsider.


Brooke Galloway has MS in Conflict Resolution. Her BS is in Psychology. She has experience in Northland Family Help Center as a Lead Advocate/BHW in Halo House, domestic violence shelter. Also, she worked at Forest Highlands as a Shift Manager. She is certified in Negotiation and Mediation through the Conflict Resolution program at Portland State University. She also has Domestic Violence Advocacy Certification and Crisis Intervention Certification from the Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence/ Northland Family Help Center. African Refugee Dialogues student assistant.