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Formation 1968
Type Governmental institution
Location Slovania


CVC was established in 1968 as an organization for free time activities for children and youth on the local level starting in 1992 to make international activities in cooperation with Poland Republic, Ukrania, United Kingdom.

Activities: The centre of leisure time activities is a governmental institution working with children and youth with ages ranging between 6 - 26 years. Work is oriented at areas of culture, sport, environment, crafts, social science and tourism by making activities for Youth, children and their parents. The activities are organized via clubs, interest groups, informal groups´ meetings, bigger social activities as for example "Santa Claus Day", "Parents and Children" and more... . Altogether there are 35 clubs and interest groups. In average they provide 100 different meetings including competitions on various themes per year. The activities deriving from the area of culture and sport are the most popular. CVC also co-operates with regional NGOs to be able to prepare a variety of interesting activities for children and the youth: international exchanges, building sport grounds, helping talented young people with presenting their work at the public. They are also prepare activities for the Roma minority and for children with social problems. CVC also organizes activities on local and international level. There are 3 volunteers, one from Germany, one from Belgium and one from Netherlands.

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