CYINDEP: Cyprus NGO Platform "Development"

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Cyprus NGDO Platform
Type Organization
Location Nicosia
Membership 25 NGOs

The CYINDEP: Cyprus NGO Platform "Development" started activities in 2006 and was formally founded in 2008. Today it represents 25 NGOs.


To bring together NGOs/NGDOs working on international development, development education, and development cooperation to improve the effectiveness of their work and advocacy

The idea to start an Cyprus NGDO Platform was born following a TRIALOG-funded study visit in 3 European countries in which 5 NGOs from Cyprus have participated:

  1. Future Worlds Center
  2. Doctors of the World
  3. The Management Centre

The study visit led to first efforts for establishing an island wide NGDO platform in Cyprus. A follow-up seminar, also sponsored by TRALOG on Building an NGDO Platform�23 February, 2006 with the Island-Wide Participation of the following organizations plant the seed to launch the platform: Management Centre of the Mediterranean

  1. Future Worlds Center
  2. Doctors of the World
  3. The Management Centre
  5. Green Action Group
  6. Cyprus Family Planning Association
  7. Unit of Environmental Studies, RDC-I, Ecognosia
  9. GÜKAT (Güzelyurt District Development Association)
  10. EC (EuropAid)
  11. KTDD (= CTDA) Cyprus Turkish Diabetes Association
  12. Kemal Saraçoğlu Foundation for Children with Leukemia and Fight Against Cancer
  13. Malta NGDO platform
  14. EC (EuropeAid)


The platform started as The Cyprus NGO Development Platform and it was based on a Memorandum of Understanding and a Foundation Charter, signed in 2009 between its two constituent member platforms, the Cyprus NGO Network in the Turkish Cypriot community and the Cyprus NGO Platform ‘the Development’ in the Greek Cypriot community. Yiannis Laouris and Bulent Kanol are credited for coming up with this structure, which enabled the platform to become member of the European, i.e., CONCORD as one entity from Cyprus, thus opening the door and creating a precedence that when there is understanding and mutual respect, TCs and GCs can work together within European bodies.

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