Central Remedial Clinic

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Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation
Abbreviation CRC
Type non-profit organisation
Location Dublin, Ireland
Website http://www.crc.ie/

Relation to Future Worlds Center

Partners with Future Worlds Center in CARDIAC project.

The Central Remedial Clinic is a one of the largest service providers to people with disabilities in Ireland. It provides the full range of Rehabilitation, Medical and Technology services available to people with primarily physical and multiple disabilities on a national basis across a network of centres throughout Ireland. The Central Remedial Clinic’s, Technology Research department specialises in participating in research programmes dedicated to the development and promotion of technologies for people with disabilities and the elderly. They have participated in a wide range of national and EU funded projects, developing and examining technology and related services for people with disabilities and the elderly. The organisation has also been actively involved in the EU COST groups, and in recent times have participated in the COST 219ter consortium and contributed to the workings of the COST 298 group. In the past it has acted as the National Contact Agency for the European Design for All and eAccessibility Network in Europe (EDeAN). Part of their responsibility as National Contact Agency was to establish a network of Irish eAccessibility professionals, academics, SME’s, industry leaders and practitioners. The department also represents people with physical disabilities on a range of national policy forums. This includes the Disability Consultation Group, which is hosted by the National Telecoms Regulator and provides regular meetings and workshops between representatives of people with disabilities, the Telecommunications Regulator and representatives of all of the Telecoms providers in Ireland. They are also actively involved in a broad coalition of groups (TV Access Coalition), which have the objective of advising

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