Centre for Sustainable Peace and Democratic Development

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Centre for Sustainable Peace and Democratic Development
Abbreviation SeeD
Type Non-profit
Purpose/focus research driven peace and development innovation hub
Headquarters Nicosia, CYPRUS
Location Offices in Nicosia, Kyiv, Abijan
Region served Global
President of the Board Alexandros Lordos
Main organ Board of Directors and Executive Management
Staff 15+
Website https://seedsofpeace.eu

SeeD is a peacebuilding innovation hub established to empower and accompany peace and development architects in designing and implementing transformative initiatives that foster multi-systemic resilience for communities facing adversities through accessible, data-driven and actionable research.

The mission of SeeD is to integrate participatory policy dialogue with best practices in evidence-based research, to address major contemporary global challenges on the pathway towards cohesive, peaceful and resilient societies.

Originally growing out of a Cyprus-based initiative dating back to 2009, SeeD is now implementing programmes across multiple contexts in Europe, the Middle East, Africa,Asia and the Caribbean, in close partnership with international development organisations, governments and civil society leaders to design and implement people-centred and evidence-based strategies for promoting peaceful, inclusive and resilient societies.

SeeD's most popular and globally known methodology is SCORE. The Social Cohesion and Reconciliation (SCORE) Index was developed through a partnership between UNDP-ACT and USAID.

SCORE can provide a good snapshot of what the relationships within and between groups are in a country at a specific point in time. This is done by providing scores on a number of dimensions, such as social cohesion and reconciliation, for different groups, and also for various demographic categories within these groups. SCORE also produces predictive modelling to help identify drivers of desirable outcomes as well as resilience and fragility factors that can disrupt or facilitate the path to those desirable outcomes. SCORE data can be explored at: https://app.scoreforpeace.org/

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