Cinzia Bernardinello

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Cinzia Bernardinello
Cinzia Bernardinello
With FWC March 2011-??
Title Assistant Coordinator
Key Project(s) Civil Society Acts Beyond Borders
Degree(s) MSc
Filed(s) of study Oriental Languages and Civilitations (major): Turkish language and Literaturte, Islamic Art and Architecture, Archeology of the Middle East
University(ies) Venice Ca'Foscari University
Notable Achievements Language Scholarship from Foreign Ministry of Turkish Republic

Cinzia Bernardinello has been with FWC between March and September (?) 2011. She served as the the Civil Society Coordinator for the EU funded project Civil Society Acts Beyond Borders. She is also coordinator of the GRUNDTVIG Project "Qualification of 3rd Sector in Europe".


Cinzia completed her MA in Oriental Languages and Civilitation with main focus on Turkish Language and Literature as well as Islamic Art, Architecture and Archeology in the Middle East at the Ca'Foscari University of Venice, Italy. During her study she lived in Athens, Greece, for one academic year, thanks to the EU Erasmus scholarship. In the frame of the Socrates programme, she worked also as intern at the Commissiones Obreras in Madrid, the main trade union of Spain: her task was to help and assist the illegal workers. After the graduation she moved to Turkey and tought Italian and English. In 2007 she participated as volunteer in the project of the Italian Civic Service: "Dialogues of Peace in Cyprus", working with local NGOs across the divide. In 2009 she worked as intern at Human Rights Foundation of Turkey in Ankara: her main research was on the Right to Helth in Palestinian Territories as a tool for peace. In 2010 she got the certification from Venice Ca'Foscari University to teach Italian to foreigners. She is involved in the children book publishing project "Valdentro". She is also conducting a research on intercultural communication between Italy and Turkey.

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