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Date Created) First version: Desktop Tools in 2016; Web: 2019
Target Audience Trained SDD Facilitators
Software Type Software
Software Format Web-based application
Software Description Allows trained facilitators to conduct Structured Democratic Dialogue
Language(s) English
Copyright Ekkotek

Concertina is a 3rd generation revolutionary web-based tool developed by Ekkotek, which support the implementation of face-to-face Structured Democratic Dialogues (SDDs) in compliance with Dialogic Design Science (DDS).

Concertina assists trained SDD Facilitators to authentically engage stakeholders, i.e., people from all walks of life, and/or experts of a specific domain in generating, clustering, voting on the importance of ideas, and subsequently construct an influence structure among ideas, and interpreting the results of their deliberation. It is specifically designed to assist them deal with complex issues in a reasonably limited amount of time. The platform supports three types of dialogues, which can be implemented separately, or in different combinations:

  • Vision/Futures Scenario:
  • Anticipation Challenges/Barriers:
  • Action Planning:

The core process is supported by the Interpretive Structural Modeling algorithm as originally proposed by John N. Warfield.


The terms SDD, and DDS are used by the community of relevant theoreticians and practitioners members of Institute for 21st Century Agoras.