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Date Created) First versions of selected Apps released in 2016
Software Type Software
Software Format Desktop, Web, App (iOS/Android)
Software Description Allows trained facilitators to conduct Structured Democratic Dialogue
Language(s) English

Concertina is an array of 12+ tools developed by Ekkotek, which support the implementation of Structured Democratic Dialogues in compliance with [[Dialogic Design Science.

Concertina is grounded on next-generation concepts.

Version/App Description Release Date
CONCERTINA LOGO PRO.png Allows screen and report customization (company names and logos). Outputs include timestamps, complexity and Spreadthink indices, indices related to EPE, etc. Includes all tools listed below. 2018
CONCERTINA LOGO CLASSIC.png The Classic version has virtually all features of Cogniscope v3 Classic, plus cloud functionality. 2017
CONCERTINA LOGO IDEAEDITOR.png This Tool allows Dialogue Creators to edit the contents of the cloud databases. 2018
CONCERTINA LOGO IDEAWALL.png Used in connection with the Classic or the Professional version to project the participants’ ideas on the wall as separate A4 pages in the order that they were proposed. 2018
CONCERTINA LOGO IDEAVIDEOWALL.png Used in connection with the Classic or the Professional version to project the video clip recordings of the participants’ ideas on the wall. 2018
CONCERTINA LOGO CLUSTERING.png This allows the Clustering process to be done using different methods. For educational and professional applications. 2018
CONCERTINA LOGO CLICKER.png Mobile App. In connection with the Professional version to allow participants to submit their votes electronically, both during a face-to-face meeting or later. 2018
CONCERTINA LOGO CLUSTERWALL.png Used in connection with the Classic or the Professional version to project the ideas on the wall as A4 pages but sorted in Categories. 2018
CONCERTINA LOGO RESEARCH.png This version is for research use and has limited functionalities, but it allows the exporting of research-related data. 2018
CONCERTINA LOGO EDUCATION.png This version is for educational use only and has limited functionalities. 2018
CONCERTINA LOGO WISDOMSUMMATOR.png This Tool allows the continuation of a Dialogue with each Participant building up their influence Maps, the tools adds them and sends them back to the cloud. This allows the adding of more items in the map asynchronously. 2018
CONCERTINA LOGO INFLUENCEMAPWALL.png The Classic version has all features of Cogniscope v3 plus cloud functionality. 2018