Constitutional and Value Policy: Special Focus on Future Orientation

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Future Worlds Center's first aim in the Constitution is:

Designing and execution of studies and research programs with future orientation in areas related to human brain-modern technology-social transformation and the repercussions of relevant research for humanity.

The surfing metaphor

Future Worlds Center's philosophy usually apples the surfing metaphor to describe how the organization positions its projects. Just like a surfer rides a surfboard on the crest and face of a wave, we are always a little ahead of the others but not too far ahead; we are also not where the wave breaks and becomes violent. In other words, Future Worlds Center is not an activist organization but an organization that uses intelligence, skills, planning and appropriate tools (i.e., mainly IT) to create opportunities for positive social transformations. Projects are usually positioned right at the edge of where change can happen. Even though we use research to scientifically ground our actions, the focus is in the chronological vicinity of a few years and rarely too far ahead. The reason is to be able to communicate our values and goals with the wider possible communities of stakeholders.

List of all Constitutional and Value Policies

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