Constitutional and Value Policy: Special Focus on Transparency, Anti-fraud, and Sharing with the World and Empowering Others

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Future Worlds Center is an open organization. Most of its resources are on line because we believe in full transparency and in sharing our knowledge and resources with the rest of the world. This is our approach towards contributing to the development of other organizations, both non-profit and for-profit, that share the same values and the same level of professionalism.

Future Worlds Center is registered in the Transparency Register of he European Commission, where all information regarding its activities and financial information can be found (under its legal name) following this link:

All correspondence, including Email should include the following sentence at the footer: CNTI is registered in the EU Transparency Register ID number: 250272920238-79

Furthermore, Future Worlds Center constantly hosts interns, because it wishes to cultivate and disseminate its philosophy across the globe. Our organization benefits when our interns spread our values.

This Wiki is the major hub for information.