Cyprus Adult Education Association

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Cyprus Adult Education Association
Type Association
Location Limassol, Cyprus
President Kleitos Symeonides
Main organ Board of Directors

The Cyprus Adult Education Association (ΣΥNΔΕΣΜΟΣ EΚΠΑΙΔΕΥΣΗΣ ΕΝΗΛΙΚΩΝ ΚΥΠΡΟΥ) has been registered as a Non profit association to deal with the promotion of Adult Education in Cyprus. Is a national body, member of the European Association for Adult Education. The CAEA promotes relations with other countries by organizing study visits and cooperates closely with the Adults Educations Centres of the Ministry of Education, the programme which organizers thousand of learning groups. The association uses a lot of volunteers. CAEA has a lot of experience in promoting projects and cooperating with others. Its Director, Dr. Kleitos Symeonides is a member of the Executive Board of the European Association for Adult Education and has an M.A. in Adult Education.

Relation to Future Worlds Center

Partners in Multicultural Cyprus Served as member of the Advisory Board of ==Relation to Future Worlds Center== Partners in Multicultural Cyprus Associate partner and supporter of Cyberethics.