Cyprus Youth Council

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Cyprus Youth Council
Abbreviation CYC
Location Cyprus

Partners with Future Worlds Center.

Cyprus Youth Council (CYC) is a non-profit and volunteer based multidimensional union of non-governmental youth organizations (NGYOs). Amongst its 51 members, CYC provides equality to political and non-political youth organizations. A full member of the European Youth Forum since 1997, CYC actively participates as a youth issue advisor to the UN, European Parliament, European Commission, and Council of Europe. In 2007 CYC became an elected member of the EU Affairs Committee, opening more avenues for CYC to advance its causes. It strives to support non-formal education, promote and empower NGYOs, promulgate communication and dialogue between NGYOs, and provide a framework whereby members may implement projects and develop synergy. In addition, CYC assists burgeoning youth groups, contributing infrastructure, technology, and networking assistance. CYC continues to foster greater and sustained cooperation and communication, participation and partnership, amongst NGYOs

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