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Youth Ambassadors for Millennium Development Goals

Taking into consideration that the EU new member states have recently started the implementation of their development policy and therefore still face significant weaknesses, there is a great need for educational and promotional activities which aim at building public support for MDGs (according to Eurobarometers). As these countries become responsible actors in international development field, their societies also should be informed about the needs of developing countries and mobilize support for effective development cooperation as agreed in the last few years by the donor countries. This project will mainly focus on youth ensuring that young people (future leaders) will take part in this educational and awareness raising process.

Formal Project Description
Contract Title Youth Ambassadors for Millennium Development Goals
Lead Partner Salesian Missionary Voluntary Youth Service – Youth for the World
Agreement n° ONG-ED/2007/136-678
Partners Future Worlds Center (CNTI)
Cost of Action €565,000.00
Grant €480,000.00
Dates 01/03/2008 - 28/02/2010

About Project Youth Ambassadors for Millennium Development Goals
Overall objective(s)
Campaign aims to raise awareness about the MDGs, first, among young people and on a second level among general public in the target countries namely Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Cyprus.The main aim of the project is to raise public awareness on development issues and MDGs through active participation, discussion and different events which will involve youth from project’s countries.

Expected Results
All the activities are planned in this way to ensure that maximum amount of young people will be involved in each stage of the project. Another important aspect is, that all the activities that will be implement in the project, will have a multiplayer effect.