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Location International
Leader Violeta Bulc

Ecocivilisation was partner in Peaceful Futures project.

An Ecocivilisation uses functions as tools, properties of relationships that are focused on the evolution of the basic entities: beings, land, society, consciousness. So, functions become dynamic structures, re-adjusting to the needs of those entities. For example, if humans are active in thinking environments with innovation as a driving force, education should help humans to develop the competencies needed to unleash their creative and innovative potentials, and not the competences for a work environment focused on productivity.

Violeta Bulc

The founder and curator Violeta Bulc claims that the main change in organizing Ecocivilisation is our deep understanding that we are part of a common space that we share within a common consciousness. As a result, structures are based on systems and in the form of networks that nurture a society whose essence is relationships. The concept of competition retreats and gives way to endless collaboration, where the only principle is that collaboration never ends.