Elena Michael

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Elena Michael
Elena Michael
With FWC March 2014-today
University(ies) \The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg Virginia USA
Florida State University

Born in Nicosia Cyprus. Studied in the USA on Fulbright/CASP scholarship. Graduated from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg VIRGINA with BBA (Accounting). Got an MA from Florida State University. Worked for a year in Washington DC as Legislative Assistant at the office of Congressman Peter Visclosky. Returned to Cyprus in 1999. Worked for Global Capital Securities and Financial Services Ltd as a Corporate Finance Advisor for 8 years. Then joint Laiki Bank Group where I worked as a Credit Officer at Laiki Factors for 6 years. Left in summer of 2013. Currently supporting Junior Achievement, an organization that promotes entrepreneurial skills for children through learning by doing programs.

Ms. Elena Michael joined the Future Worlds Center team in March 2014. Her background is in the field of Accounting and Finance where she word as a Corporate Finance Advisor for seven years and as a Credit Officer for six years. She Neuroscience and Technology Institute]], she joined the newly established IT Team as an intern for a period of the first six months supported by the Human Resource Development Authority HRD Internship Scheme recently created by the Cyprus Government. Her current tasks focus on developing requirements and specifications for new innovative educational Apps, while at the same time supervises tasks of members of the IT team to ensure timely completion of projects. Chrystalla is also involved in drafting new business models for inter-organisational innovations.