Faro Convention Labs

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Faro Convention Labs
Faro Convention Labs
Contract Title Faro Convention Labs
Contract Number n/a
Funding Period 17/5/2017 and 4/10/2017
Funding Agency Council of Europe
Total Cost ca 30,000
Lead Partner Council of Europe
Partners Cyprus Academy for Public Administration
Future Worlds Center
FWC coordinator(s) Yiannis Laouris

The Council of Europe invited Future Worlds Center to participate in its Faro Action Plan 2016-2017, in an effort to learn about about the usefulness and usability of the Structured Democratic Dialogue Process. Lead SDD Facilitators of the Future Worlds Center, together with Marios Michaelides from the Cyprus Academy for Public Administration facilitated two dialogues, one in Spain (17/5/2017) and one in Georgia (4/10/2017). On behalf of the Hakan Demir from the Faro Convention Team, Division of Culture and Cultural Heritage, served as the contact point.

The Faro Convention Labs are typically organized with the participation of interested member States and communities to further explore the Faro Convention principles and their effective implementation. The Labs include a series of events for a period of 2-3 days based on the availability of the host community, and involve stakeholders at national, local and community levels. The labs intend to expand a group of participants from each country so they can work together on their return to promote and implement the Faro Convention. While the specific topic of each Lab is decided together with the host community, overall objectives include:

  • Promotion of the Faro Convention with local and national stakeholders
  • Becoming familiar with the Faro Convention approach
  • Enhancing the Faro Convention Network
  • Skill building for the implementation of the Faro Convention principles


In the context of these explorations, the following SDDPs were co-organized, and facilitated by Lead SDD Facilitators of the Cyprus Academy for Public Administration and Future Worlds Center.

Final Reports