Finnish Ambassador Timo Heino visit 12 Jan 2017

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Timo Heino, the Finish Ambassador in Cyprus has visited Future Worlds Center 12 Jan 2017 to meet Ekkotek's CiReNews Citizens Reporting the News group that has won in 2015 the Slush competition.

The Ambassador showed interest to learn more about the philosophy and the Constitutional and Value Policies of Future Worlds Center as well as about its major projects. Kerstin Wittig, Head of Global Education Unit, Fatema Islam representing the Humanitarian Affairs Unit, and Yiannis Laouris representing the New Media Lab talked about current strategic priorities and projects of the respective Units. Yiannis focused on the 10-year long successful implementation of safer internet projects culminating with the Cyberethics: Cyprus Safer Internet Center. Constantinos Tsiourtos, Head of Policy and Strategy explained our pioneering work in Cyber Safety, Securitty and Crime and described the UINFC2 - Engaging Users in Preventing and Fighting Cyber Crime as well as the efforts to setup a Center of Excellence.

The Ambassador was particularly intrigued by the work done on developing tools that harness the collective wisdom of people like the IdeaPrism.

Ambassador Timo Heino, Yiannis Laouris, Andreas Shoshilos
Andreas Shoshilos, Katerina Fotiou, Eleni Philippou, Corina Drousiotou, Acpa Xidea, Kerstin Wittig, Ambassador Timo Heino, Yiannis Laouris, Fatema Islam