Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas

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Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas
Abbreviation ICS-FORTH
Location Greece

Relation to Future Worlds Center

Partners with Future Worlds Center in CARDIAC project.

About ICE-HT

The Institute of Chemical Engineering Sciences (ICE-HT) was established and began operating at Rio-Patras in 1984 as an independent academic institute. In 1987 ICE-HT was incorporated into the structure of the Foundation of Research and Technology-Hellas (FORTH). This comprises of a network of seven institutes that report directly to the General Secretariat of Research and Technology of the Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs. The new identity which ICE-HT assumed by its incorporation into FORTH, gave rise to higher operational flexibility and further expansion within the framework of its original aims. In addition to fundamental research, the Institute currently conducts applied and technological research in a great variety of fields and provides specialized services to industry.

Human Resources and R&D

The number of staff members and research associates of ICE-HT is approximately 120. Of those, 11 are Researchers (in organic positions), 20 are Collaborating Faculty Members from several departments of the University of Patras (Departments of Chemical Engineering, Engineering Science, Chemistry, Physics, and Pharmacy), 13 are Post-doctoral Fellows, 1 is Collaborating Scientist, 8 are technicians, 10 are administrative and secretarial staff members, and approximately 50 are post-graduate Research Assistants.

Areas of R&D

ICE-HT conducts fundamental and technological research that is focused on cutting-edge areas of science, specific needs of industry and the environment. The R&D activities of the Institute are concentrated along three major Areas of Research (RA):

  • RA1: Nanotechnology / New Materials
  • RA2: Energy / Environment
  • RA3: Biosciences / Biotechnology

The RAs are supported by research groups with advanced expertise in state-of-the-art scientific and technological fields. Furthermore, ICE-HT provides a wide spectrum of technical services (instrumental analysis of chemical composition and physicochemical properties, quality assessment, machine and electronics shops, etc.).

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