Future Worlds Center on CyBc Radio 3 12/09/2012

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Future Worlds Center on CyBc Radio 3 12/09/2012
Future Worlds Center on CyBc Radio 3 12/09/2012
Project SDDP Reinventing Democracy in the Digital Era
Place CyBc Radio 3
Date(s) 12/09/2012
Type of participants Danae Psilla
Elia Petridou
Number of participants 2

Reinventing Democracy in the Digital Era

Two representatives of the Future Worlds Center, Elia Petridou and Danae Psilla, talked to Rosie Charalambous on the English radio-show of CyBc Radio 3, about the SDDP workshop entitled Reinventing Democracy in the Digital Era, taking place on the 14th and 15th of September 2012. During the workshop, 24 young people from various European countries come together in a 2-day interactive co-laboratory in an effort to reconstruct the concept of democracy in the digital era, where they are given the opportunity to re-imagine the characteristics that an ideal system of governance should have, one that would make full use of innovative emerging technologies.

The representatives discussed how the co-laboratory will be facilitated by the head of the non-governmental organisation «Future Worlds Center», Dr. Yiannis Laouris, and Dr. Afonso Ferreira, currently seconded as expert to the European Commission, DG INFSO, working at the Future & Emerging Technologies unit. It was explicated how participants invest over 500 man-hours to think, discuss, analyse, and ultimately vote in order to determine which are the most fundamental features that when implemented, could bring about the most grounding change for an ideal system of governance.

The co-laboratory makes continuous use of the latest technology, as ideas are electronically recorded, compiled and processed so as to finally produce a map with all the data collected. The map that is gradually produced shows the manner in which if certain of the characteristics suggested were to be implemented, certain others could be immediately facilitated, as the key characteristics branch out and lead us to derivatives.

During the radio talk the two participants discussed that one of the main aims of these workshops is that at the end of the process, participants get to collectively develop a vision and a shared commitment on how to propose and promote their suggested ideas with the vision to achieve reform, each starting in their own ideal socio-politico-economic systems of governance.

The co-laboratory is the result of a joint initiative between the Future Worlds Center and the Digital Futures Task Force.

For more information visit:http://www.futureworlds.eu/wiki/SDDP_Reinventing_Democracy_in_the_Digital_Era