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Gary Gumpert
Gary Gumpert
Service type Advisory Board Member
N.E.T.S. Board of Trustees
N.E.T.S. Academic Staff
Current Post Professor Emeritus of Communication Arts and Sciences at Queens College, City University of New York, Vice President of the U.S. chapter of the International Institute of Communication.
Degree(s) PhD, MA, BSc
Field(s) of Study Speech (Radio and Television), Broadcasting
University(ies) Wayne State University (PhD),
Michigan State University (MA)
Temple University (BSc)
Specialization(s) Communication technology and social relationships, urban and suburban development, the alteration of public space, and the changing nature of community.
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Prof. Gary Gumpert serves as Member of the International Advisors Board since 2006. He, together with Prof. Susan J. Drucker have been collaborating with Future Worlds Center for more than a decade. They visit Cyprus almost every year and meet with Track I and Track II people to promote issues of technology.

Prof. Gumpert is a member of the N.E.T.S. Board of Trustees.

Short Bio

Gary Gumpert is a partner in the consulting firm of Communication Landscapers, is Professor Emeritus of Communication Arts and Sciences at Queens College, City University of New York, and also Vice President of the U.S. chapter of the International Institute of Communication. His work over the past thirty years has addressed the many nuances in our growing dependency upon mediated communication. Formerly a radio and television producer/director, Gary is widely published in a variety of journals and books which examine the intricate interconnection of social interaction, urbanization and media technology. His current research focuses on the relationship of new communication technologies and the use of public spaces.

Collaborative work in Cyprus

Gary Gumpert and Susan J. Drucker have visited Yiannis Laouris in 1995 and collaborated in the emerging Technology for Peace project. Between 2003-2005, they have been invited as media experts to deliver x workshops on media literacy in the context of the HasNa funded Media Literacy part of the Reconciliation Now! project.

Collaborative research. Preliminary results were presented in the 3rd International Multilingual conference in Limassol in 2002.

Selected Publications

  • Drucker, S. & Gumpert G. (Eds.). Regulating Social Media: Legal and Ethical Considerations. Peter Lang. (2013).
  • Drucker, S. & Gumpert, G. (Eds.). (2011). Convergence Regulation. Peter Lang. Global Heroes in a Media World, (co-edited with Susan J. Drucker). Hampton Press, 2007.
  • Burd, G., Drucker, S. & Gumpert, G. (Eds.). (2007). The Urban Communication Reader. Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press.
  • Guest co-editor with Gary Gumpert. Special Issue: Communicative Cities. The International Communication Gazette. Vol.70 (Summer 2008).
  • Guest supervisor co-editor with Gary Gumpert, Frauke Zeller & Seija Ridell. Double Special Issue on Mediated Urbanism. The International Communication Gazette. Vol. 75 (Summer-Fall 2013).
  • The Medium, The Message and the Messengers, AEJMC August 4, 2006, San Francisco.
  • Through a Glass Darkly: Mediated and Non-Mediated Surveillance and Quality of Life Dimensions of Health, International Association of People-Environment Studies, Alexandria, Egypt, Sept. 13, 2006.
  • Photo Exhibition, Reading Spaces, Reading Places, Alexandria, Egypt, Bibloteca, Sept. 12-16, 2006.
  • Technological Unification Presages Built Bridges: The Case of Nicosia, European Association for the Study of Science and Technology, August 25, 2006.
  • The Rehnquist Court and Communication Law, ECA, Philadelphia, April 29, 2006
  • Roundtable on Internet Legal Issues, Eastern Communication Association, Philadelphia, PA, April 29, 2006.
  • Devastated Landscapes, Environmental Design & Research Association, Atlanta, Ga., May 5, 2006.

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