George Zigkas

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George Zigkas
George Zigkas
Period at FWC Feb 2017 and Dec 2017
Field of Study Computer Science
Sending University Bristol University
Local Mentor Yiannis Laouris

Mr. George Zigkas has joined Future Worlds Center as an intern in February 2017. George joined as Assistant Project manager and supported Helene Josephides ad later Jordan Kent in Global Education Goes Local (GEGL) and MigratED. He also supported Marios Podinas in promoting start-ups in the startups ecosystem through Digital Cyprus. Later on throughout his internship, George joined the MARINA and R&I PEERS teams. Through his work in all these projects, but especially the latter two H20220 projects, George had the opportunity to learn the rules of managing European projects, including the preparation of reports and deliverables.

During his internship, George has seeked every opportunity to collaborate with other members of the group and particularly with those involved in entrepreneurial and startup projects. He has also participated in an SDDP as an Assistant Facilitator with Yiannis Laouris during the final phases of the MARINA project.

George has accumulated expertise and become an editor of this Media wiki, but also of Digital Cyprus.


George Zigkas is an experienced IT professional with expertise in developing IT policies and procedures, ensuring security is implemented throughout the systems development lifecycle, in the financial and electronic payments industry. Also, experienced with a track record of completing successfully major IT projects and highly analytical and accountable person, who has worked in multi-cultural environments. Additionally, an effective team player with excellent communication and organizational skills combined with a desire to succeed.

George has been a key person in Future Worlds Center as he voluntarily assists in many projects remotely under the guidance of Yiannis Laouris.


University of Bristol
MSc Advanced Computing, Internet technologies with Security

University of Portsouth
BSc Computer Science

Project Management Institure
Certified Associate in Project Management