Global Education Futures Initiative

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Network Name Global Education Futures Initiative

Global Education Futures Initiative is an international collaborative platform that brings together shapers and sherpas of global education to discuss and implement the necessary transformations of educational ecosystems for thrivable futures.

Mission Statement

Creating global educational ecosystems for thriving futures,one step at a time.

Global Education Futures originated in 2008 from many discussions with Russian of educational innovators. In next six years, its founders involved many educators, researchers, startupers, entrepreneurs, students, and policy makers into vision building on the future of education & learning, skills, childhood, health, cities, and more. Since 2014, we began growing into a global network of visionaries who see education as a vehicle of societal transformation. Since late 2016, we are an international community of practice-oriented leaders that cultivate experiments and prototypes of learning formats and ecosystems of tomorrow.

We believe that learning is our birthright and education is a fundamental human right. We believe that education should be learner-focused and human-centered. We believe in education that reconnects us with live interconnects with societies, and directs towards our desired and achievable futures. We believe that it is time for us humans to master the art and craft of intentional evolution, and that we - each of us - need to practice the future we see. We are future-and-globally-focused and compassion-and-locally attuned. We foster intellectual and leadership gathering places and experimental, prototyping labs for systemic innovation in which transformational education, cultural diplomacy, transdisciplinary research, ecological literacy, personal growth, and social change practices can be shared for our collective potential.