HAMK University of Applied Sciences

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HAMK University of Applied Sciences
Location Finland

Relation to Future Worlds Center

Partners with Future Worlds Center in SteLLLa 2.0 project.

HAMK University of Applied Sciences is a multidisciplinary university with more than 20 degree programmes and 7500 students. It offers broad-based, high-quality education, research and development, and strong internationalisation. eLearning has been one key development area during ten years. All degree programmes offer virtual courses and four training programmes for adult students are possible to study online, including Vocational teacher education.

HAMK eLearning Centre have done a lot of research work about virtual learning and teaching and developed tools and methods for virtual learning. It is an expert in understanding the questions of the social and cultural dimensions of the information and communication technology. The research and development projects conducted in the HAMK eLearning Centre concentrate on developing and planning digital solutions for helping learning and teaching that help people in their everyday life.

In this project our task is to share our experiences and especially develop learning, teaching and tutoring methods using SMS. HAMK will produce materials for the web pages of the project. HAMK will also arrange one kick-off meeting and take part in other meetings and activities during the project. Students and teachers in HAMK will be connected to the project. The outcomes of the project will be delivered in HAMK but also nationally via web pages of Finnish Online University of Applied Sciences and via web pages of Finnish eLearning Association.

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